80’s classic Link

Published April 12, 2018 by Amara77/Cloudburst

I’ve been working on yet another project of mine. I had the desire to create a 1/6 diorama 80’s shoujo style Zelda castle. I grew up with the original Zelda and I absolutely adore 80s style anime and artwork. After a bit of deliberation I decided on Marine to be my Princess Zelda.

Of course since I am making Zelda she must have her hero Link! ….

I’m making this post mostly to document Raph Who is the Takara Jenny friend doll I have decided to use for Link. There isn’t a whole lot that I can find on Takara Jenny dolls. My favorite part of getting into new dolls is doing research! There are especially few pictures on the guy friends. So I decided I would take some pics and post him for a reference for anybody who may be looking. I was looking at another guy also but in the end I went with Raph as I felt he looked the most like classic Link.

The guy dolls are pretty hard to find, but I was able to get a good deal on him because he is stained. I’m not worried about that since with a little patience most stains will come out.

I’ll probably be putting him on an obitsu body. I’ll have to remove all of his hair and make him a wig. He’ll also be getting some Hylian ears! And I will have to make him his hero tunic. I may commission someone else to do it, I’m not sure yet.

Stay tuned hopefully I will keep updating more XD

Hey hey look another post!

Published March 29, 2018 by Amara77/Cloudburst

Look I’m on a roll haha

This is a quick post to document some wigs I made recently.

This wig is made from angora it’s a pink/blonde wig I like to call this color pink champagne. Here we have Savine modeling the wig for us.

Another angora wig I made this one is a nice ginger orange. I made an extra little braid attachment to go with it.

Again we have Savine as our model, and one of Sadie showing that it will fit smaller heads as well. Fairyland dolls are known for them huge domes.

A pretty red alpaca wig modeled by the Minifee spring 2017 event head. I got this head by mistake haha. I thought I was getting the Sircca elf head. When I realized it was this one I didn’t want to back out so I payed for her anyway. I had my friend at Yume Creations paint her. After taking pictures of her I really kinda like her ehhh. But she must go u for sale! She looks like a high fashion model. She’s more sassy than grumpy like most of the Spring event heads I’ve seen.

And next up we have my lovely princess Zelda from Ocarina of time in a long shiny alpaca wig. I like to call this one strawberry milk.

A 5-6 inch wig for monster high. I think I’d like to do something like this again in a larger size, it’s more diffifcult to do complicated styles in a smaller scale. Either way I’m happy with it, and my color combos.

Ayyyy long time no post

Published March 27, 2018 by Amara77/Cloudburst

Sooo it’s been forever hasn’t it? I was planning on cleaning up the blog and organizing things better so posts are easier to find. I’m still figuring out word press (yes lol after all these years >_<) so we will see how that goes.

I have a ton of projects I’m working on and would like to document them and make tutorials.

I’ve also been wanting to start a YouTube channel but I tend to have problems keeping up with posts *cough obviously cough cough*

I’m working on several new dolls a couple of princess Zelda’s – including everyone’s current favorite Breath of the Wild Zelda. A couple of dolls are OC’s . I’m working on a custom sailor Pluto wig. A diorama for my 1/6 princess Zelda who is based off the original two Zelda’s look, in an 80’s shoujo style. Lots of ruffles and bows and frills haha!

A friend and I are also gathering supplies to create a 1/3 scale living room for our custom Sailor Jupiter and Venus.

Sooo hopefully I can keep up with all this. Wish me luck!


Behold my redundant Zelda’s

Enter a caption

Behold! My redundant Zelda’s!!! 

Long time no see

Published October 24, 2016 by Amara77/Cloudburst

So as usual I am slacking as a blogger 😑

But I do have three lovely girls wearing Halloween sets that I made so hopefully that will make up for it…heh

Here is katana modeling this three-piece set. I really love the Halloween themed Argyle! It’s super cute so I couldn’t resist getting some! 

The set includes the shirt dress jumper and thigh highs.
Next up is my lovely Dahlia

Here she is wearing my 3 piece set. This damask  print is absolutely adorable. I made a high waist bubble skirt to go with this princess sleeve top. Knee high stockings complete this Dollfie Dream Dynamite set.
Lastly Dahlia’s little sister Camellia

I love ghost stuff! And Camellia can communicate with them so it’s kind of fitting for her to be modeling this set.

 This set is the dress and thigh highs. I’m really pleased with how this one came out!

They are up for sale on my Etsy right now if you are interested 

OK that’s my super quick update I have some more wigs  I have worked on I will hopefully post another smol wiggy update soon.

Fall love 💜

Published May 11, 2016 by Amara77/Cloudburst

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago. I am lazy and forgetful please forgive me >_<

Unfortunately it was pretty chilly and cloudy the day we went out but we still had fun.  

Minako and Mako-chan were able to hang out and have fun! 

Close up of Minako looking cute

My friend and I were able to get some cute shots of our girls playing.  

Little update

Published August 31, 2015 by Amara77/Cloudburst

I thought I would share some more pictures today… Because let’s face it that’s what it’s all about dollieh pics!

First up we have my pretty Kurine who was recently re-painted by my friend YC.Dreamshop  http://instagram.com/yc.dreamshop

She’s my little girly girl 💜 Sadie is happy to have her friend back.   She’s back just in time to model this fantastic yellow blonde wig with peach underneath.  I adore peach this commission was a lot of fun to make!

Here is Sadie modeling this ombre wig. The  customer wanted a dark brown base with red brown and golden highlights.  Sadie looks really good in this wig it was fun to use so many different colors in one wig.

Black hair is my favorite I wish I could pull it off but alas I am a ginger…it just doesn’t work for me T_T

 A couple shots of Sadie in the blonde/peach wig 

I wanted to try making a ponytail wig and I think it came out well.  I was going for that messy look….and it’s certainly messy haha! I need to take some better pictures. I want to do a chic smooth high ponytail and also one with bangs in the future. 

This pretty monster was also painted by YC Dreamshop and will be a giveaway girl!

Annnnnddd last but not least a little teaser of Amara my Castlevania Succubus I started off ahead with her but now she’s in the mostly finished realm with everyone else  >_< 


Where oh where have I been

Published July 26, 2015 by Amara77/Cloudburst

I decided to post  a little update about what I’ve been doing.  While I have been trying to complete some of my ongoing dollieh projects, (the list grows longer in stead of shorter >__<). I have been working on commissions for Alpaca wigs. 

Here are a few I have recently finished. 







 It’s a very laborious task but it’s really fun to experiment with dyeing!  The rainbow wig is one of my favorites! I will probably make another one!  

Hopefully after I get caught up I can work on Amara’s wig. After such a good head start she’s way back there on the completion list. 


This girl is just about done! She will always be on going because I plan to make her different outfits from the series and artwork, but her default is just about complete. After snagging this cherry milk Fuku and ordering her wigs. I have a little tweaking to do to her wig. Then she is ready to go!

Lazy no good bad blogger -__-

Published April 15, 2015 by Amara77/Cloudburst

This is all too true, I don’t really have an excuse  -__-

However I have been working on some new things!

I have decided to try my hand at wig making.  I am still learning but it’s kind of fun. I am going to share some tips soon. I want to do some more experimenting first however, before I start giving advice.

I also got my Castlevania succubus head painted ( DD version).  She is the reason I started looking into wig making.                              When she is completed I will post her.. heh… not for a while though. Like my 5 other in progress girls lol.

Here are a few pics of the wigs I have done.

Yoko's cuteness continues to kill me  >_<

Yoko’s cuteness continues to kill me >_<

It is really easy to style them!

It is really easy to style them!

All three sold on my Etsy shop.


I will be adding more, and they are priced very low, since they are my learning curb wigs! Check back for more info soon!

First post of the new year… -__- sorry

Published January 29, 2015 by Amara77/Cloudburst

So my lazy butt is finally making a post. I have many new projects as well as unfinished ideas.

I have already far extended my common sense doll spending allowance.

First up from last year I pre-ordered this beautiful girl

Sheryl Nome

Sheryl Nome. I think she will be a better fit for my Naruto OC.  She has  slightly more “realistic” features like Naruto characters do.  So my DDh-05 as Katana will be sold. She’s beautiful, but I’m going to have to let her go…

Next up I am getting another MSD sized girl.  I swore I didn’t need one…


But how could you not want her?? She is a sculpt made by Sensei’s dolls.  She also does lovely face up work, and drawings. You can check out her blog here:


Her name will be Sadie. She’s a character from yet another unfinished story….

The project that I am most far along on will be creating a dollfie dream version of my avatar.  The Succubus from Castlevania Symphony of the Night.


Back in ’97 I was looking through one of my cousins game magazines, there was a review for this game. The two page spread was decorated with artwork of the characters.  I am a HUGE fan of Ayami Kojima, and I love her style.  I was absolutely enthralled with this picture. It was so small I thought the roses in her hair were bows haha.  There was something about her that just captivated me. I begged my mother to buy me this game. -Yes just to see more pictures of this character.

Back then internet access was somewhat scarce so I could never find any pictures of her. I also couldn’t find her in the game! One day I was at Electronics Boutique (they merged with GameStop long, long ago.) I spotted a game guide and begged my little cousin to give me $12 to buy it. My mom had dropped us off at the mall haha.  I was actually able to find her then in the game, and I was rewarded with a picture about the size of this one.  SUCCESS!!!

I named her Amara because it means eternal beauty. I thought this was appropriate for my beloved demoness.  I have a BJD as her. She will be tough as she is drawn in a more realistic style. I am going to base her off a mix between her original artwork and doujinshi drawings.

You don't need to know what's going on in the other panels  >_<

You don’t need to know what’s going on in the other panels >_<

I also have two new Valentine dresses that will be up for sale soon so stay tuned!

Happy Halloween

Published October 31, 2014 by Amara77/Cloudburst

My dearest Dahlia (dollfie dream Beatrice)  is here to wish you a happy Halloween.

Welcome my dear…


Dahlia’s top and arm bands are from the Dollheart Fukubukoro bag I caved and ordered.  They ended up matching perfectly for this shoot so I’m really excited, especially because I didn’t like the top I made to go with the skirt.

I will make a post to show the items I got in my next post. All in all I’m pretty happy with what I got.

Pick your poison

“Pick your poison love.”



Dahlia’s potions come from my friend Mitsuki.  The tiny labels are really detailed, and the little fillings match the labels!  So cute!

I have discovered that my camera has the sepia setting haha.  I wanted the pictures to have a vintage look because Dahlia is very old, but clearly does not look her age.

I’m not sure what she does to stay looking quite so young. I’m not sure if i want to know….

Happy Halloween my pretties….

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