Hair styling customization

Published June 14, 2013 by Amara77/Cloudburst

My character has big ringlets a’la princess Aurora.  Because she’s a small doll I used straws,  bobby pins, and paper towels.  This method can also work with styling bjd wigs.   Depending on the size of the curl you want you can use various items.  I used some regular drinking straws, and some old plastic Halloween straws because they are thicker. For a bjd wig you can use curlers.  I have some I got from the dollar store that I will be using soon to style some bangs for Mako-chan.


You will need to have a cup of  boiling hot water, and icy cold water.  If I have to show you this step, you will be  lost there is no point in reading this post further.. 😛

I start by dunking the head into the hot water for about 15 secs. I moved her hair around on her part just the way I want it, be careful because the hair will dry exactly as it is. If there is a bump or crease you do not like smooth it out with a comb or brush.  I put plastic wrap to hold the hair on top exactly in place, I then stuck her in the hot water cup for a two 15 second intervals. Then I dunked her into the ice water cup for 30 seconds. The cold water sets her hair.

I didn't like so she had to go bwhaha

I didn’t like her, so she simply had to go bwhahaha!

Make sure the part is in place exactly how you want it after dunking the head. I used an elastic to hold it down. I then let it sit a couple of hours before removing the plastic. Afterwards I let it sit to dry overnight.  Toyokalon will actually hold the shape pretty soon after it’s set but I wanted to be careful and make sure it was completely dry.

Now that her part is in place I begin her curls.  I dunk her ends in the hot water, squeeze the excess water out, and brushed it out nice and straight. I’m going to cut her hair so the ends are straight,   and the length I want.

dhair6     dhair3

Now I’m going to section off her hair to put the “curlers” in.  Make sure that the hair is going in the right direction as the plugs. Like I said before the hair will very easily keep it’s style, and you don’t want her looking like she’s got bed head 😡



Pick a section of hair to curl, make sure it’s smoothed out nicely. I use the paper towels because it helps to keep the hair straight with no fly-aways.   Fold it in the paper towel, and roll it up as high as you want, then secure with a bobby pin.

If you want the curl to be higher use two pins one on each end of the straw.  Go through the sections of hair the same way. I used the wider straws in the back for bigger curls. If you want banana curls roll them up at an angle.

.dhhair5  banana curl

Yay finished!

Yay finished!

When you have the hair all curled up dip it back into the boiling water for another 30 seconds. Then into the cold water for 30 seconds as well.  If you can, prop the head up so nothing is touching it let it dry overnight.  I stuck the chop stick into a big spool of yarn, see Vlad the Impaler in the post below.

 You look beautiful sahweet haaat

Notice the kinks

Notice the kinks near the head.


Her curls are a little hard to see due to her hair being black, but they came out pretty good.  To smooth out the kinks, I used a thin cloth and stuck it in hot water. I pinched the hair in between and pulled it out a lightly.

Now that her hair is done her face is next   🙂


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