First post of the new year… -__- sorry

Published January 29, 2015 by Amara77/Cloudburst

So my lazy butt is finally making a post. I have many new projects as well as unfinished ideas.

I have already far extended my common sense doll spending allowance.

First up from last year I pre-ordered this beautiful girl

Sheryl Nome

Sheryl Nome. I think she will be a better fit for my Naruto OC.  She has  slightly more “realistic” features like Naruto characters do.  So my DDh-05 as Katana will be sold. She’s beautiful, but I’m going to have to let her go…

Next up I am getting another MSD sized girl.  I swore I didn’t need one…


But how could you not want her?? She is a sculpt made by Sensei’s dolls.  She also does lovely face up work, and drawings. You can check out her blog here:

Her name will be Sadie. She’s a character from yet another unfinished story….

The project that I am most far along on will be creating a dollfie dream version of my avatar.  The Succubus from Castlevania Symphony of the Night.


Back in ’97 I was looking through one of my cousins game magazines, there was a review for this game. The two page spread was decorated with artwork of the characters.  I am a HUGE fan of Ayami Kojima, and I love her style.  I was absolutely enthralled with this picture. It was so small I thought the roses in her hair were bows haha.  There was something about her that just captivated me. I begged my mother to buy me this game. -Yes just to see more pictures of this character.

Back then internet access was somewhat scarce so I could never find any pictures of her. I also couldn’t find her in the game! One day I was at Electronics Boutique (they merged with GameStop long, long ago.) I spotted a game guide and begged my little cousin to give me $12 to buy it. My mom had dropped us off at the mall haha.  I was actually able to find her then in the game, and I was rewarded with a picture about the size of this one.  SUCCESS!!!

I named her Amara because it means eternal beauty. I thought this was appropriate for my beloved demoness.  I have a BJD as her. She will be tough as she is drawn in a more realistic style. I am going to base her off a mix between her original artwork and doujinshi drawings.

You don't need to know what's going on in the other panels  >_<

You don’t need to know what’s going on in the other panels >_<

I also have two new Valentine dresses that will be up for sale soon so stay tuned!


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